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Smiths of Bletchinton Choose MobyDick

Smiths of Bletchington Ducklington Mill Site has undergone a major expansion in 2016 and Frutiger...
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MobyDick ensures clean roads in Great Britain

A local quarry operator in the Midlands (GB), used for many years an old dry ramp system at the...

Earthmoving with Scrapedozers

The Scrapedozer is the ideal machine for earthmoving on hauling distances from 50 to 500 meters. On sites where the transport distance is too long for bulldozers and too short for dumpers the cost effectiveness of the Scrapedozer is overwhelming.

FRUTIGER is your partner for Scrapedozers!


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Quotation of earthmoving

We are pleased to consult you whether the application of a Scrapedozer in your building project is economical: Rent/Sale/Project work .
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